who are we and what do we do

1 - A boutique with men's and women's original czech made fashion  

2 - Men's and women's tailor

3 - fabric sales. 

4 - wedding saloon for brides, grooms and family

5 - Patchwork


Dear Ivetka,
again much, much thanks for beautiful clothes and especially the birthday gift! It really made me very happy, thank you very much. Well, yesterday I was at the right time at the right place. :-)
— 30/09/2016 Jana Vašinová via email
Ivetka, I’m so glad we met, I rarely feel such a kinship at a first glance. Your stuff ... I hooked it on the lockers, as I can not cram them into the cabinet. I never understood, but now I’d like to have a stand for clothes in the room. Unfortunately I have no place. I think it’s because these things have so much positive energy from you in themselves. ... The sweater is really amazing, I’ve already tried it, perhaps together with everything, and everything looks great. When I put the pink over it together with those black pants, it is perfect. ... Because of you, I will become a vain woman at my age. ?? ... at PLASA I’m looking forward to, I have them written in my diary now already. You have to settle near us. ??
— 20/10/2016 Alena "VAVE" Zemanová via facebook

"In youth, one learns, while old, one understands."


Do you want to look good and interesting?

Do you desire to have original products from natural materials in your wardrobe?

Are you tired confection that fits only model?

To feel comfortable both, cold and warm weather?

Want to show your personality?

Want to save time washing and ironing?

Our fashion design firm, which operates in the Czech market since 1994, helping to ladies and gentlemen minimize wardrobe without losing its flexibility.


About Us

Czech firm NEDOMOVA S.R.O. is a fashion manufacturer using all-natural materials. Its activities started in 1994. The founder of ...


Custom tailoring


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